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Can I buy a replacement control switch for my electric blanket?

It depends on the age of the blanket itself, some of the older ones are no longer in production. To find out if yours is available please telephone the Dreamland Service Centre on 01606 837222, if a replacement part is available they can take payment over the telephone by credit or debit card. You will need to know the model number of the existing control unit which is stamped onto it and the blanket model number which is on the label.


Can I send my electric blanket to you for servicing or repairs?

No, sorry, we are a retailer of Dreamland Electric Blankets, we do not service or repair them. To find out about how to get your electric blanket serviced or repaired please contact the Dreamland Service Centre on 01606 837222.


The light on my electric blanket just flashes on and off and it does not heat up.

This is an indication that the control unit is faulty. This is as a result of the blankets heating element sensor activating because it has detected overheating. Dreamland Electric blankets use a patented 'Sleep Guardian' system to monitor and detect overheating which then shuts down the blanket before it becomes unsafe to use. The most common reason for the overheat sensor to activate is when the pre heat temperature settings are left on all night whilst the user is in bed. As per the instructions the pre heat settings are there to quickly warm the bed up before use. Once you get in you need to turn this down to a lower temperature setting. The overheat sensor can also activate if the blanket becomes creased, rucked or pinched as this can cause localised overheating. Swapping a good control unit onto a faulty blanket can cause this control unit to also fail. Please telephone the service centre on 01606 837222 for further advice.


Can I use a waterproof mattress protector with an electric blanket?


Generally speaking, yes you can. However do bear in mind that a waterproof mattress protector has a waterproof membrane that could melt under extreme heat conditions. The heat from your Dreamland Electric Blanket is unlikely to be hot enough to melt most protectors of this type, but of course we have no way of knowing the tolerances of individual mattress protectors from different manufacturers.

The electric blanket can go either under or over the mattress protector. most people put the protector on top to protect the electric blanket as well as the mattress. We suggest you try it out first to observe any change to the mattress protector, then continue to inspect it every so often.


Can I use an electric blanket on a memory foam mattress or topper?

From a safety point of view you can use an electric blanket with a memory foam mattress or topper but please bear in mind that a memory foam mattress reacts to the heat of your body and moulds to its shape. Placing a heated blanket or cover between you and the mattress will probably reduce the effectiveness of this quality. It would be better to use a heated product that is above you rather than underneath you, so a heated duvet or electric overblanket be preferable. You should never place an electric blanket underneath a memory foam topper as it could cause it to overheat and shut down.


Which side of the bed is the handset/control unit on a Dreamland/Sleepwell Heated Electric Blanket?

If a Dreamland Electric Blanket is described as dual control then there is a seperate control unit on each side to allow two people sharing the bed to heat their side to their preferred temperature. If the blanket has just a single control unit (all single size blankets and any double size with just a single controller) then that control unit is on the right hand side of the bed. when you are lying in bed.

Can I use the Dreamland Personal Heat Pad in Bed?

We can't recommend using the heat pad in bed because it is only designed to be placed onto areas of the body that are experiencing pain. You should not lie on the pad and the cable and control unit should not be covered, they should always have a free circulation of air around them.


I sometimes experience a tingling sensation when using my electric blanket.


This small electric “shock” or tingling sensation is sometimes experienced when the blanket is switched on and is quite common and absolutely harmless. It is due to the body acquiring an electrical (a.c.) charge due to the close capacitive proximity of the albeit insulated heating element which is connected to the 240VAC supply.

It is similar to the electric shock that some people get in bed when they touch the wall or a metal bedstead etc., even when NO electric blanket is used. In this case the body acquires a dc charge (i.e. static charge) perhaps due to very dry bedding, very dry air, insulated castors, nylon carpets etc.

There is very little you can do to stop the phenomena as the more insulation you place over the blanket, the more charge you may acquire when the blanket is ON. This a.c. charge can result in a tiny tingling or vibrating feeling as it discharges down to the ground. Most users do not experience this, but individual specific circumstances in each of our homes will sometimes produce this effect.