Dreamland Single Electric Blanket

If you are looking for more information about the Dreamland Single Electric Blanket then you have come to the right place.

First of all lets just clarify the size of a single bed. Here in the UK a standard single bed measures 3' (3 feet) in width by 6'3" (6 feet 3 inches) in length, which in metric is 90cm wide by 190cm long. There are some variables to this but generally when someone refers to a single bed this is the size that they mean.

Electric Blankets actually come in different formats to suit personal preferences and are either used underneath you or on top of you whilst you sleep. A Dreamland single electric blanket has numerous safety features built in and consists of a heated element inside a cover which is controlled by a detachable control unit.

These are the current range of Dreamland Single Electric Blankets.


Cosy Toes Dreamland Single Electric Blanket


Sleepwell Heated Mattress Cover DreamlandSingle Electric Blanket