Double Electric Blanket

A double electric blanket, is well, obviously an electric blanket that fits a double bed but what do you need to look out for when choosing one and what options are there available to you?

First of all you need to decide what type of double electric blanket you want. This is because there are actually several different types available.

The first decision you need to make is to whether you want to sleep underneath it, or on top of it. The original, traditional electric blankets were designed to be used in place of a standard blanket, so they went on top of you, just like a blanket. This type is still available and are still very good, but most people want to lie on top of their double electric blanket, this is because heat rises and if you are lying on top of it, the heat rises past your body and keeps you warm.

Once you have decided whether you want to sleep under it, or on top of it, you then have a couple more decisions to make before you have found the right double electric blanket.


Double Electric Blanket - Overblanket


A double electric blanket that you sleep under is called an overblanket, because it goes over the top of you. If you have decided on this type then there are two to choose from. They both do a very similar job but are very different in appearance. The first choice is to go for the traditional heated overblanket. This looks like a typical traditional blanket but has heating elements built in to it and a detachable handset to control it. The other option is to go for an electrically heated duvet. This looks very much like a standard duvet, but again has heating elements and a detachable control unit. It is designed to fit inside a normal duvet cover, with the lead exiting from the bottom of the duvet where the fasteners are. The controls are identical on both types, it just depends on whether you prefer a duvet to a blanket. You can see both types in our shop by following the links below.

Double Electric Blanket - Overblanket

Double Electric Blanket - Duvet


Double Electric Blanket - Underblanket


A double electric blanket that you sleep on top of is called an underblanket, because it is underneath you. It is placed directly on top of your mattress and your usual bottom sheet is placed over the top of that. Many people prefer these because heat rises to keep you warm and you don't have the additional weight of heating elements lying on top of you. A further benefit of buying an underblanket is that they come with a longer guarantee than an overblanket. Overblankets have a 2 year guarantee but underblankets have a 3 year guarantee. The reason for this is that overblankets move and flex much more than an underblanket and will wear quicker.

A double electric underblanket comes in two types. The traditional type is a flat blanket that sits on top of your mattress and is held in place with ties that you pass under your mattress and tie in place. The surface area of these are slightly smaller than the mattress that they sit on. The other type are referred to as heated mattress covers or even heated mattress protectors, this is because they fit in the same way as a fitted sheet or mattress protector. They have elasticated sides that fit snugly all around the sides of your mattress. The benefit of this is that the upper surface is the same size as the upper surface of your mattress and therefore fit better and are less likely to come off in use. You can see our double electric underblankets by following the links below.


Double Electric Blanket - Cosy Toes Double Electric Underblanket

Double Electric Blanket - Intelliheat Double Electric Fleecy Underblanket

Double Electric Blanket - Intelliheat Dual Control Double Electric Fleecy Underblanket

Double Electric Blanket - Sleepwell Dual Control Luxury Cotton Heated Mattress Cover