Super King Electric Blanket

We are often asked if we have a Super King Electric Blanket, the answer is both yes, and no. Now that does sound confusing, so let me explain.


Super King is easy enough to explain, Superking is a size. A superking bed is bigger than a king size bed. They are usually the same 200cm or 6'6" length as a king size but but are wider, at 180cm or 6'. Please note that superking can be written as one word or two - super king. So that bit is fairly simple, if you want to buy a super king electric blanket then it is to fit a superking bed.

The electric blanket part is slightly more compliccated to explain but here goes. When people use the phrase 'electric blanket' they are usually referring to any item that electrically heats your bed, however some people who use the phrase 'electric blanket' are specifically referring to just a blanket that is electrically heated.

When electric blankets first appeared on the market they were just this. They looked very much like an ordinary blanket, but inside the blanket there was a thin fine element that heated when the blanket was plugged in and switched on.

Over the years electric blankets have developed and evolved into a broader range of heated products for use on your bed. Often they are all just generically referred to as 'electric blankets', but in reality they are subdivided into different products.

The traditional style of electric blanket is still available but now there are even two versions of this, one looks like an ordinary blanket and you sleep under it. The other type sits flat, on the top of your mattress, with your bed made up as usual on top of this. The warmth, therefore is beneath you and as heat rises, it keeps you warm. To try to avoid confusion between the two, the ones that go over you are known as overblankets and the ones that you sleep on top of are referred to as underblankets.

In addition to overblankets and underblankets there are also two more heated bedding products available. First we have what are known as heated mattress protectors or sometimes heated mattress covers. These do exactly the same job as a heated underblanket. The go onto your mattress with your usual sheets and bedding over the top. The difference being that a heated underblanket sits on top of your mattress and is held in place with tie strings that are used to tie it to the mattress, whereas a heated mattress cover fits in a similar way to a fitted sheet with an elasticated side skirt to hold it firmly in place.

Then we have the newest kid on the block, the heated duvet. This looks just like your regular duvet except it has a heating element inside to keep you nice and cosy.


Now we need to go back to the original question regarding a Super King Electric Blanket. If you specifically want a heated electric blanket in a super king size then you will  be disappointed. The largest electric blanket available is a king size. However if you are flexible and want a heated bedding product in a super king size then you are in luck.

We do have available a Super King Electric Blanket in the form of the Sleepwell Intelliheat Heated Mattress Cover. This is a great high quality product in the form of a mattress cover with an elasticated side skirt to hold it in place. You now can benefit from warm air rising all around your body keeping you warm and cosy all night long. Read more about this great item by following this link.


Super King Electric Blanket