This website is owned and operated by Snugnights an independent authorised retailer of Dreamland Electric Blankets.


Dreamland Electric Blankets are guaranteed from new for 2 or 3 years depending on the model. is an independent authorised retailer website that is part of the Snugnights UK LLP, we are not the manufacturers or distributors of Dreamland Electric Blankets.


Any servicing, parts or guarantee related queries should be made directly to the Dreamland Service Centre on 01606 837222 who will be delighted to offer you advice and assistance.


Some replacement controllers can be purchased directly from them but it will depend on how old the blanket is as to whether they are available. Payment for these can be made by Debit/Credit card at the time of your enquiry.


When you telephone please have the model number from the label on the blanket itself as well as the one from the controller to hand as this will allow your enquiry to be handled more quickly.