Dreamland Heated Mattress Covers

A heated mattress cover fits onto your mattress in a very similar way to a fitted sheet. It has side skirts that incorporate an elastic strip along the bottom edge.

The heated mattress cover is placed directly onto the mattress, which is held firmly in place by these elasticated sides. Heated Mattress Covers are sometimes referred to as, heated mattress protectors as they fit on in the same way as most mattress protectors.

Below you will find links to our two ranges of heated mattress cover.

The first one is the Dreamland Intelliheat Heated Mattress Protector and the second one is the Sleepwell Heated Mattress Cover. Both of these are similar, the main difference being the type of fabric used in the construction.

The heated mattress protectors have a deep, soft, fleece like appearance whereas the Sleepwell Heated Mattress Cover has a soft quilted cotton upper surface.